Hi, I'm Berry!

Building services and developer tools.

A software engineer and back-end developer based in New York, I specialize in scaleable services, microservices, and package maintenance.



  • @top-gg/sdk


    The official module for interacting with's API via Node. Created in TypeScript.

  • JaDL (WIP)

    JaDL stands for Just another Discord Library. And is the successor to discord-rose, removing a lot of the abstractions and upgrading a lot of internal components. It's the discord-rose for the new age.

  • discord-rose

    A simple discord library that brings some super powerful features for creating Discord bots. It can scale a Discord bot to more than a million servers.

  • @jadl/cmd

    The command handler for JaDL. An extremely well-made and versatile package to make good-looking interaction commands for Discord. This was my first introduction to decorators, and I don't think I'm ever going back.

  • topgg-autoposter


    This package uses the @top-gg/sdk package, automagically figures out what library you're using, and sets up posting bot statistics to, without the hassle of doing all the timers.

  • @jpbberry/typed-emitter


    My take to creating an event emitter with built-in typings. This package also implements some cool decorators for attaching events to class methods.




    I use TypeScript for just about all of my hobby projects. It's an experience I can only describe as beautiful. Because of how much I use it, I began to recognize the ins and outs of TypeScript, and understand it very well.



    Node.js is probably one of my most comfortable environments to work in. Not only have I spent years using it, but I've analyzed every little quirk of it, and have even contributed before!

    Web Design


    Web design used to be the words that would sink my ideas for a project, because I was terrible at it. But over the past ~2 years I've begun dabbling more and more and found solid footing in the space. I've designed JPBBots, Censor Bot, and even parts of this site, and I've grown so much knowledge because of it.



    I've not been keeping up with some of the latest version of Java and its features, but it's what I use every day at work, and it's also what I started coding with! Java always has a place in my heart, and as such I know a very decent amount and know a lot of the quirks of the language.


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